10th Malaysian Property Summit

Year 2017
Sime Darby Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur
23 FEBUARY 2017

The global and Malaysian economies are currently undergoing challenging times.

On the global front, there could be a major shift of policies in the United States, and flowing from that interest rates could start rising which could have an impact on property in general and REITS, in particular.

On the national front, we have a slowing economy and also some impact from a slowdown in China and other countries in the region. Compounding this is the fact that the residential market in Malaysia is flat and the commercial market such as office, hospitality and retail sub-sectors are becoming oversupplied, with gradual downward trends in rentals and capital values.

Based on these shifting fundamentals, the 10th Malaysian Property Summit 2017 assumes even greater importance, in our efforts to continuously disseminate quality information and analyses into the market, as we strive to do our part to increase the efficiency of the property market. It is without a doubt that quality information and analyses flowing into the market on a continuous basis to all participants in the market leads to an efficient market and an efficient market allocates scarce resources the best.

With the above in mind, we are focusing on a specific theme which is “Property as it moves into an era of possible rising global interest rates”.