Real Estate Negotiator CDP Course 2018

Along with 6 other organizations, PEPS has been organizing the Real Estate Negotiator CDP Course for Renewal 2019 since September 2018. This CDP Course is targeted for Real Estate Negotiators for their REN tag renewal.

Some of the topics discussed in the CDP Courses under PEPS were Introduction to Property Valuation, Rating, Land Law, The Art of Selling, National Land Code, Land Titles, Disciplinary Procedures, Law Relating to Estate Agency Practice and a compulsory topic; Code of Ethics.

The course had accepted a lot of participants from various places and firms, all in all discussing topics and active Q&A sessions between participants and speakers. PEPS had organized CDP Courses continuously in Kuala Lumpur and had also organized one session in Melaka (26th October 2018).

From November to December 2018, PEPS collaborated with MIPEAC for the CDP Course 2018.